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  • Nao: Yeah!!
  • Fans: Yeah!!
  • Nao: YEAH!
  • Fans: YEAH!!
  • Nao: YEAHHHHHH!!!
  • Fans: YEAHHH!!!!!
  • Nao: Why am I doing it B'z style? (Nao continues screaming like this anyway and starts banging the drums after he speaks) When we made the announcement!!
  • Fans: Yeah?!
  • Nao: People around us asked "Are Alice Nine disbanding?"
  • Fans: Oh?!?!?!
  • Nao: But Alice Nine!!!!
  • Fans: Yeah?!!
  • Fans: (Loud Cheering)
  • Nao: We'll keep on going!!!!!
  • Fans: YEAH!!!!
  • Q: We bet you must have a massive number of girl fans. Have there been any particularly crazy giftS?
  • Saga: Guitars. Or underwear I suppose.
  • Q: After being with each other for a decade, is there a quirk about another member that you still dislike?
  • Hiroto: Hmmm... Maybe Nao's toilet moments just before our concerts. (Laughs) If we were ever late for our concerts, it is because of Nao!
  • Saga: When I was a junior school student I went on a family vacation to a hot spring, when I went into a mixed bath, a woman screamed, I was shocked. Even though I thought that since I was a child she'd still forgive me, but she said it was unacceptable.
  • Hiroto: Maybe your face showed that you had an ulterior motive?
  • Saga: No, it wasn't like that at all. Even so, she had a really disgusted face on, I was shocked. Perhaps I had a considerably perverted face on.

Nao talking about going on a trip...

  • Nao: Going to Mt. Fuji highlands with my friends was fun. Rather than the trip itself, riding the vehicles was fun. Yeah ...... a trip. I don't really have memories of going on any. I also never left the Kantou region. I don't really like travelling itself. Rather, I'm a guy who likes to smell out the scent of computers (laughs)
  • Hiroto: Do computers have a smell?
  • Nao: They do (laughs)

Saga talking about his school trip...

  • Saga: I also went to Kyoto and Nara. When you go on a school trip, don't you also have someone as a cameraman? Those kinds of photos are shown as a slideshow in front of all students during the farewell of the seniors. We thought that we should photograph everyone for that kind of photo, my friends and I just followed the cameraman around the whole time, and in the end the photos shown were mostly just me and my friends. So at the farewell assembly when those photos were showing, when the juniors said to us "You guys were really insistent", we burst into laughter.
  • Shou: Burst into laughter?
  • Nao: Laughing at an inappropriate time?
  • Saga: I have a memory of a surprised teacher saying to us "Explain yourselves" in front of about six hundred students, and falsely apologizing while laughing, like "We're sorry".
  • Hiroto: When I tried to grab on to a deer's neck it started to get violent, it used it's rear legs and it seriously kicked me. It hurt quite a bit. It was like an anime, it kicked me so fast that I could see the residual image of it kicking me. That's why I have a really strong memory of being kicked by a deer when I think of school trips. When the deer kicked me the girls laughed at me, I got into a bad mood and went back to the inn.
  • Shou: It was your own fault.

"Sometimes at around five in the morning I get mail from Hiroto-kun, he writes things like “I’m in a river right now”, I get worried, like “Are you OK?!"

- Shou
How God created Hiroto 101 by Alice9GAGthat explains why now. XD

How God created Hiroto 101 by Alice9GAG

that explains why now. XD